Thursday, March 12, 2009

I look at him glazing at the veiw ahead of himself

A side walk, some street lights, a crooked mailbox is all I can see

But why are his eyes lite like a burning flame staring into what I beleive is nothing at all

He does not see what I do

He see's a castle, a horse, the king high on his thrown, a beautiful princess dancing away, a brave knight with armor of steal

and why cant I see what he does

I look closer and closer and suddenly see the princess

"Would you like to dance with me?"

The photo is of my little brother during a neighborhood walk. I wrote this poem because I feel that everyday we get older we loose a little bit of our imaginations or atleast thats what some adults want us to do. In the poem I can't see what he does because he is so little and open minded something I might have lost a long time ago even though I'm not that old. The princess represents imagination and that if you try hard enough she will come back to you...

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