Sunday, March 15, 2009


I want to be the one you call when something just isn't right
the one you wish on stars almost every night
the one in your dreams with the heavenly smile
the one that you wish could just stay for a while
the one that you stare at from across the room
the one that you catch staring back at you too
the one that will stand with you in the dark
the one that will sign your heart with a loving mark
the one that could never break you apart
and the one that you know owns your heart

The Ruler Has Died

The brick wall you have built has crumpled to the ground
the armor you came with is now no where to be found
your people left you standing in the mess that they have made
and no one is brave enough to admit that they are afraid
the beast inside you feeds on the pain of those all around
and the angels sent from heaven rather not be found
the children's laughter has subsided and the mothers cry has grown
most people are relived that those children aren't their own
your kingdom has collapsed and what are you left with now
the heart of a use-to-be and a sorrowful looking frown

Saturday, March 14, 2009

To Be Deserved

She didn't deserve what she went through
he didn't deserve her at all
he just used her to make himself more
never realizing that he was making her fall
she cried for days over him
he didn't even shed a tear
and I am sitting in the corner watching it all
trying to hold back my fear
he didn't say anything to her
she tried to talk but nothing came out
he gave her sweet kisses that meant nothing
all she could respond with was a quick pout
she thought about him all day
his friends were a more important thought
she tried to fight for their love
he never cared that she even fought
I tried to say something soothing trying to make her forget
but he held the key to her heart
something she would never dare regret
she didn't deserve what she went through
and he didn't deserve her at all
he just used her to make himself more
never realizing that he was making her fall

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I look at him glazing at the veiw ahead of himself

A side walk, some street lights, a crooked mailbox is all I can see

But why are his eyes lite like a burning flame staring into what I beleive is nothing at all

He does not see what I do

He see's a castle, a horse, the king high on his thrown, a beautiful princess dancing away, a brave knight with armor of steal

and why cant I see what he does

I look closer and closer and suddenly see the princess

"Would you like to dance with me?"

The photo is of my little brother during a neighborhood walk. I wrote this poem because I feel that everyday we get older we loose a little bit of our imaginations or atleast thats what some adults want us to do. In the poem I can't see what he does because he is so little and open minded something I might have lost a long time ago even though I'm not that old. The princess represents imagination and that if you try hard enough she will come back to you...

Loud Silence

Little flower that stands so tall,
thats oh so young ,but yet knows it all,
that has lived and died and done it again,
that had seen all there was to see, but still didn't hope for it to end,
that has been touched by the butterfly,
and stung by the the bee,
thats been drinking the maple from the old maple tree,
that was caught in the fence and lifted by the bird,
that never said a word,
but still everybody heard